Camp Journal

Green & Yellow Groups – Language Learning and Mountain Adventure

5th July 2021

The campers were greeted with a beautiful, bright and sunny morning here in Torgon as they made their way from the chalets to the centre for breakfast at 8:00 am. It was noticeable that the campers have been coming out of their shells at mealtimes; talking amongst themselves in the language that is understood by all at the table; being overall helpful to one another and taking on the role as team members. After breakfast, they displayed more skills of independence and responsibility at their morning meeting with their Group Leaders and when packing their backpacks with all the necessary materials for the exciting day ahead!

The first activity of the day were the language lessons from 9:00 am – 12:15 pm. In these classes, to which each student has been carefully allocated by our teachers based on language level, they were given the opportunity to mingle with new faces and cultures in the lesson’s target language. In the advanced English class, Pablo was off to a flying start, winning the round robin of naming the greatest number of countries in the class. Elena brought many wonderful song suggestions to the class for the Karaoke performance, which will take place later in the Session. Overall, our language teachers were thrilled by the campers’ enthusiasm and interest in the different tasks.

The afternoon was filled with activities such as fire building, ultimate frisbee, shelter building and team building games. The campers enjoyed the very best of the day’s weather at the football pitch, followed by the wonderful atmosphere in the woods. It seems there is no better way to spend the day than being at one with the beautiful nature that surrounds us here in Switzerland.

– Aisling, Group Leader