Camp Journal

Green & Yellow Groups: A day of Adventure, Art and Archery!

9th July 2021

The senior campers started this morning with language classes. The Spanish and English classes enjoyed an educational walk, while the French class learnt all about different forms of transport and played an awesome drawing game based on ‘Among Us’, where they had to root out the imposter artist amongst them!! They also had their final rehearsal for the great karaoke performance, taking place next week: we have Lion King, Shakira and Stromae on the agenda, which they are really looking forward to performing to their peers!

After a delicious panini lunch, we set out for the afternoon activities. The Yellow group learnt all about shelter building in the forest, which was super fun! They also took part in Camp Suisse ‘Art Jamming’ where they recreated some local artwork.

The Greens, meanwhile, enjoyed an afternoon of archery. Our archers played an awesome ‘predict the future’ game where the arrows accounted for the different destinations and types of travel. For example 3 arrows in the bulls eye meant a 5* holiday in Australia while an arrow on the outer ring meant staying in a cardboard box in Antarctica!

– Hannah Parry, Group Leader