Camp Journal

Green Group

6th July 2012

The Green group awoke early to a cold and rainy day at camp. Campers filled themselves with a good breakfast to prepare for the day ahead. First stop languages or sport; today we played hockey and climbed on the indoor climbing wall. This was greatly enjoyed by all and gave campers the opportunity to build their confidence and skill before facing the afternoon climb. In language classes all campers are working hard to learn new vocabulary to show off to their parents at the end of the session.

Lunch time! Campers were treated to a lunch of fish finger sandwiches with chips and salad, much needed after a busy week. After lunch it was time to climb, campers caught mini-buses down the mountain to enjoy an afternoon climb (in the rain). This was great fun and all campers challenged themselves to climb higher and higher. After a small, rainy wait for mini-buses to take us back to camp we enjoyed dinner of lasagne or roast vegetable curry.

It was now time for the fun to begin. Children played Olympic scrabble, a twist on a classic encouraging children to run about and have some fun. After an active and energetic afternoon and evening, children were glad to see their beds to rest their heads  in preparation for another action-packed day at Camp Suisse.

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