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Green Group Go On A Day Of Woodland Adventure

3rd July 2012

The kick-start at Camp Suisse this morning was like any other, dragged out of bed by our group leaders (who always seem far too happy at 7.30am!), and up for a scrummy breakfast.Then it was off to language lessons and a very competitive (and noisy!) dodge ball tournament, while the rest of us sweated it out on the tennis courts.

However, something exciting and out of the ordinary took place this afternoon… we learnt how to become future survival experts! We set off from Camp Suisse on a hike into the forest while the sun started to break through the pesky clouds, which seem to have swallowed Torgon over the last few days. First of all, Chris and Nathan (our tour guides and Camp Suisse’s answer to Bear Grylls) told us all about the rocky, carboniferous, mountainous landscape surrounding Camp Suisse.  We were amazed to learn that Torgon had once been under the sea. Then we went on to learn about the amazing properties of… moss! ‘What’s so great about slimy moss?!’ I hear you say! Well, we learnt that not only did lost explorers survive form eating only reindeer moss, but moss was even used to pack wounds and help save lives during the Crimean war! Then we were given our own survival challenge – to clean stream water using moss and rocks… and it worked (for most of us)!


We then moved on to the mountain bush tucker which involved all of us sampling yummy wood sorrel. We carried on through the forest learning more amazing mountainous facts until, before we knew it, the Camp Suisse centre had emerged through the trees.

After dinner, it was time to glam up and put on our poker faces at the Camp Suisse casino, while the rest of us took part in a 5-a side football tournament. What a busy day for the Green group… I wonder what tomorrow has in store!

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