Camp Journal

Green Group Move Mountains while the Yellow Group visit the Chocolate Factory and Gruyères

11th July 2021

This morning the Green group worked on their team building skills, as they headed into the Torgon forest for ‘Moving Mountains’. A brand new activity for this year, campers have to work together to overcome games and challenges, all whilst using their orienteering skills to find their way across the forest. All teams worked hard to avoid the penalty for not completing a task – a blindfold! At the end of the morning, the campers met on the football pitch for a race on the Giant Skis to conclude a great morning of challenges. In the afternoon they designed some sculptures before working on their calligraphy skills in Art Jamming.

Meanwhile, the Yellow Group enjoyed one of the most popular Camp Suisse excursions – the Cailler Chocolate Factory! As part of their language tuition course, they took part in a language quiz about the history of the Cailler brand, before getting to taste the goods in the sample room. The afternoon activity took them to the ancient town of Gruyères, with its imposing stone walls and medieval castle. A great afternoon of exploring and cheese tasting was had by all.

– Louis Brown, Group Leader