Camp Journal

Green Group: Languages, Archery & Frisbee Golf!

21st July 2021

Our morning commenced with languages lessons, consisting of really fun singing and games for all our keen linguists.

Meanwhile, those who don’t study a language went on an adventurous hike in the sun, playing blind-cone in pairs and scrambling through the river finding flora and fauna and learning to skip stones. Both group leaders and campers agreed it was one of the best spent mornings, and many discoveries and splashes in the sun were had!

In the afternoon, all of us played sports on the football pitch, including archery and frisbee golf. Iñaki was amazing at archery, whilst Ines stunned the crowd with her abilities with the bow and arrow.

Later this evening, there will be an all camper and staff barbecue in the forest. Until tomorrow!

– Megan Carey, Group Leader