Camp Journal

Green Group: Languages and Moving Mountains

23rd July 2021

A marvellous morning once again. The sun greeted our Greens with a lovely smile. After a much needed breakfast, everyone went on to their language classes. Vasili and Louise smashed the ASAP game with their English vocabulary. Sijal knew all the answers in Spanish class, and Greta really stood out in the French dance class.

After a healthy lunch, we went on to Move some Mountains. A great team-building game, where we learned how powerful you can be when you work together. We navigated our way through the forest, climbed through nets, disposed a bomb, and Eline even led our whole team through the entire thing!
It was once again a great day, filled with laughter, fun and making new friends. We can’t wait to see what tomorrow has in store for us.

– Suzanne Wallet, Group Leader