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Good Eggs & Mini Eggs

12th June 2012

The Good Egg award scheme was set up to recognise and reward individual staff members on their outstanding work and contribution to the Camp Suisse. This summer, however, we are changing things up a little. As we continue to grow and take on more staff the need to recognise more of those Good Eggs is increasingly important. For this reason, the Good Egg scheme has seen the addition of the ‘Mini Egg’ – a smaller award recognising an outstanding member of staff from each department (Activity Leaders, Group Leaders, Kitchen staff, Ancillary staff and Language teachers).


All of our Eggs (both Mini and Good) receive a beautiful certificate to remember their grand achievement. On top of that the Good Egg receives a sum of money. As one final treat, this year we’ve introduced an apprentice-style group outing for the Good Egg and all the Minis. The activity is kept under wraps until the moment they arrive – our coach driver being the only person privy to the top-secret details. The prize changes each week; to give you an idea, however, it may be something along the lines of a champagne picnic along the shore of Lake Geneva, or a wine tasting evening in one of the many wine cellars the region has to offer. In any case we have no doubt they will be very sought after reward!


Yesterday, the Good Eggs and Mini Eggs were awarded for this week and last. Rosie from the Activities team and Stef from the Group Leaders, were both awarded Good Egg for “Being great… at everything!” and “Having boundless energy and fantastic disco moves,” respectively.  Both Rosie and Stef have worked incredibly hard for the past couple of weeks and are therefore very deserving winners. The Mini Eggs for the past couple of weeks were: Kirsty and Tom from the Activities team, both for using their creative initiative; Lucy and Abiy, the catering supervisors who are all round stars from the kitchen; Jodie, one of the office staff and Sue, our sanitation and tuck shop manager, both received awards for their excellent work in their respective areas. On Friday 15th June, all the Eggs from the past two weeks will be escorted in the Camp Suisse limousine to a top secret destination where they will have lots of fun courtesy to Camp Suisse!




P.S. Check out the blog this weekend to find out more about their Friday adventure!



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