Camp Journal

Good Egg Trip To Montreux

9th July 2012

This week our Good Egg and Mini Eggs were treated to a trip to the fantastic Montreux Jazz Festival. Our Good Egg award winner was, Toria, while the Mini Eggs consisted of Phil – Group Leader of the week, Poppy – Kitchen staff member of the week, Jodie – Ancillary staff member of the week, and Calum – Activity Leader of the week.


Mike the Driver took them down to Montreux in our Camp Suisse minibus where they were treated to a fun-filled night out. The celebration was in full swing with a variety of artists playing live music for their enjoyment and plenty of opportunity to dance the night away! Luckily they missed the storm or we would have had some soggy eggs returning to camp!


Stay tuned to find out this week’s winners and where they’ll be heading next Friday evening!

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