Camp Journal

Good Eggs Re-Live Their Teenage Years

14th July 2012

The ‘good egg’ and ‘mini egg’ prizes were awarded to; Activities Sarah, Night Guard Daisy, Group Leader Ryan, Catering team member Simon, Language Teacher Danni and Head of Colour Lindsay.

As a special treat, and to relive their teenage years, all 6 went to Fun Planet for a game of Ten Pin Bowling. The crazy shoes were donned before a competitive 6 lined up to bowl their first strike. It took a while before they  found their rhythm, but soon enough the ‘strikes’ and ‘half-strikes’ were coming thick and fast. Sarah even managed to strike the special red pin – winning her a free trip for next time! The final standings presented themselves with Ryan in first place,  Danni in second and  Sarah third. 

Despite their lack of prowess on the bowling alley, when hunger struck they ventured into Aigle to enjoy a lovely Italian meal. 

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