Camp Journal

Glorious Glacial Visit – Yellow Group

4th July 2012

Glacier day is finally upon us! This meant an early start for the Yellow group….. 5.30 wake up!  Ouch! However, it was worth it, as it was a glorious day in the upper echelons of the Swiss Alps.  After catching a cable car up to Glacier 3000, it was time to meet the world’s friendliest dogs, who took us for a sledge ride and a play in the snow.  Once the huskies were all tired out, I think I would be too after pulling 50 campers around; there was a tour of the glacier lead by Rosie which entailed a walk up to the viewing point from which there was an amazing view of the surrounding valleys, sadly though the Matterhorn and Eiger were obstructed by clouds.  There was then just time for lunch on the glacier before catching the cable car back down the mountain and we then headed off to the Villeneuve pool, which sports a 7m diving board into Lake Geneva.  By the time we left there everyone including the staff were tired and ready for dinner to help refuel.  After a wonderful curry it was time for the Torgona hunt! This is a quiz where the campers need to find answers to cryptic clues, which are located in various parts of the centre and Torgon.  Bedtime… time to recharge the batteries ready for tomorrow and another day of fun in the mountains.  

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