Camp Journal

Les Diablerets

5th July 2011

A 6 o’clock wake up might have been too early for some given the yawns and somewhat quiet breakfast, but unsurprisingly this didn’t last long and by the time the coaches were boarded, Camp Suisse picked up where we had left off the day before. 







For the Green Group, a trip to Glacier 3000 at Les Diablerets was the first port of call, and following a coach journey across the valley, an ascent of 1800m was navigated by all without the slightest hint of nerves.  Following another two cable car and chair lifts, all campers had an urgent meeting with a team of husky dogs for a breakneck tour of the glacier up on the sledges. At times it was difficult to see who was more excited to see who; the campers or the dogs. The scene was one of all round excitement, although a few sneaky snowball attacks on members of staff gave the whole morning a cold hint (we know who you are!).  The afternoon took a much warmer turn, with the lake and swimming pool at Villeneuve.

As for the evening, tomorrow sees the eagerly anticpated talent show, and having sat in on some of the preparations tonight, it promises to be an interesting one to say the least! 

Until tomorrow, over and out. 
Green Group

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