Camp Journal

Seasonal Snow in August – Yellow and Blue Group

1st August 2012

The first day of the month of August brought with it a special visit to the glacier for the Yellow and Blue groups in glorious summer sunshine. Whilst the temperatures soared to around the 30 degree mark, the campers wrapped up warm in order to avoid the chill at the top of the glacier before having the opportunity to experience a sled ride driven by husky dogs. A superb opportunity to demonstrate posing skills with a panoramic photo shoot at the very top of the glacier, along with an educational and enjoyable lesson from Rosie and Sarah regarding glacial formation and patterns, meant that campers put on their cheesiest of grins before descending onto the glacier to frolic in the snow.









After an exhilarating lap of the circuit with the husky dogs, the group then made their way up the chairlift to the picnic area for a spot of lunch before heading off to the beach to soak up the rays.At the beach, some superb diving skills were put on display, with flips, dives and bombs a plenty. Some sore stomachs from over-rotating (Sam!) and some wet staff members from being dragged off the raft by some cheeky campers (Bilal!) were commonplace. After a well spent and well sunned afternoon, the group made their way back to the Torgon base for a Swiss themed dinner in honour of the National Swiss Day. Evening entertainments of Music Quiz and 3 Minute Movies provided many laughs for both staff and campers before the sun set on another spectacular day in Torgon.


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