Camp Journal

First Day of Session One

30th June 2013

Camp Suisse’s first international group of 2013 were woken up bright and early for an 8am breakfast to fuel them through their morning language test and first sports sessions of football, tennis, basketball or climbing. 


After their morning sessions came a delightful variety of lunch options such as a paninis, jacket potatoes or sandwiches. Then the Blue and Red groups made their way straight to the Camp Suisse coach to take them to one of the campers’ favourite activities, LABRINTH!!


Groups split up with their group leaders to try and navigate their way around the maze with Emma’s group managing to find all 10 of the checkpoints. After the maze came some time to play on other labyrinth attractions with JP running up and down the slides like a yoyo.


Once the children arrived back in Torgon it was time for shower hour before some lovely sweet sour chicken followed by an ice cream sundae – yum!

To use up some of their energy, the campers began their evening activity, Torgona hunt. This entails searching the Camp Suisse site looking for answers to riddles and questions. After the hunt, they made their way to the chalets for a good night sleep in preparation for tomorrows adventures.


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