Camp Journal

Extraordinary Day Of Adventure For The Green Group

4th July 2012

Yesterday morning, the green group were woken bright and early by their group leaders to greet a beautiful day at Camp Suisse. After eating breakfast in their groups, the children either attended a language session or a sports session. They were given the choice of tennis with Oli and JP or basketball with Aimee and Sarah. During these sports sessions, the children were taught skills required for each sport through the use of group and paired games. They had lots of fun playing these games and were able to demonstrate what they had learnt.


After the morning session, the campers had lunch with their group and were eager to share their morning activities with one another. The afternoon session began with JP and Nathan taking the green group for orienteering. We were taught how to write co-ordinates, how to recognise symbols on a map and also how to use a compass. The campers (and group leaders!) found this session really beneficial as we were not confident in our map skills. JP and Nathan then divided us into groups of six and set us a challenge of finding words hidden throughout the woods beside the football pitch, using co-ordinates and distances written in metres. Once we had collected all of the words, we had to make sure that these could be read as a joke. The joke was ‘what did the monkey say when he cut off his tail? It won’t be long now!’


The green group were treated to banana loaf and juice for afternoon tea and were provided with a helmet for our next activity. We had to walk from the centre to our next activity, Ghyll scrambling. For this activity, the children had to walk up a stream and go through an assault course set up along the route. Although the water was freezing, the campers loved getting wet! At the end of the activity, the campers were given the opportunity to nominate a member of staff to dunk into the freezing cold water. Instead of only one group leader being dunked, all four of us were! We couldn’t wait for shower hour after Ghyll scrambling! We had such a fantastic day and are looking forward to all the activities and excursions organised for the green group over the next week!

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