Camp Journal

EIG Adventures

4th June 2013

Campers from Ecole Internationale de Genève bounded up in to Torgon late Monday afternoon, with pockets over flowing with complimentary chocolates from the Caillers chocolate factory. Camp Suisse staff greeted ninety – nine thrilled campers comprising of classes 6B and 6D with a smashing three course dinner comprising tomato soup, the Camp Suisse chicken or haloumi pie and a plentiful supply of ice cream and fruit for dessert. Prior to arriving at Camp Suisse, our eager campers learned about the history of the cocoa bean while capitalising on the divine Cailler chocolate tasters before occupying the remainder of their day basking in the sunshine exploring the Château de Gruyères. Campers wet their whistle with a fresh raspberry juice and water before settling in to their rooms and squeezing in a brief game of soccer for the football enthusiasts before dinner where all students and Camp Suisse staff wished Lydia and Lilitha a big happy birthday. The Torgona Hunt finalised a busy day, where campers were required to explore the camp and surrounding areas in a bid to seek out the answers to questions about Camp Suisse. They learned all about Torgon and got to know a few members of staff along the way. Today classes 6A and 6C venture up in to the mountains to receive mountain bike coaching and learn about the local flora and fauna, while 6B and 6D head up 3000metres to see the glacier. 

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