Camp Journal

EIG at the Roman Ruins

6th June 2013

Another gorgeous sunny day at Camp Suisse and first off down the mountain was 6A and 6C from EIG and after lunch it was 6A and 6D’s turn. 
It was a stunning day to learn about the Roman Empire in Martigny and the Roman Ruins didn’t disappoint! From learning about the slaves to the worshipped Gods, all the students were fascinated and wanted to learn more about the History of the Romans. It then got serious in the Ampitheatre with the battle to the death! Miss Cameron gave it all she could but ended suffering an early blow from Jenny and surrendering. However when Auri took on Tiffany it was a fight to the death! Auri gave it all he could but ended up losing his shield and being defeated by Tiffany! 
Final gladiator battle of the day was a close call with Jenny and Tiff neck to neck until the final minutes when Jen was caught off guard, stabbed and defeated by the Martigny Gladiator champion, Tiffany!!’ 
6A and 6C were lucky enough to experience Martigny markets in full swing in the morning. They were allowed to have a look at all the stalls and buy a little souvenir to take home for their families. 
Meanwhile back at Camp Suisse Activity Leaders led archery and climbing wall sessions throughout the morning for 6B and 6D and during the afternoon for 6A and 6C. A special mention goes to Sonica 6D fighting bulllseye during archery. Then upstairs at the wall, Nicholas 6a showed excellent climbing skills completing a number of tricky routes in fine fashion. We have been particularly lucky over the past days having excellent weather allowing us to complete archery sessions outside while getting a tan. In the evening it was disco disco disco night!!! All of year 6 from EIG got their best disco outfit on and danced the night away!!! From glow sticks to ‘Gangnam style’; all of Year 6 enjoyed a night of candy, music, dancing and fun times. 
Tomorrow is the final day for Ecole Internationale de Genève with tennis, orienteering, teambuilding and football on the agenda. Pedro will finally get a chance to show off his football skills in the morning before the group makes the journey back to Geneva after their tasty lunch. No doubt about it.. It will be very sad to say goodbye tomorrow. 🙁 – Freddie and Tiffany, Group Leaders

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