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Mission Day!

11th August 2011

Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta, Echo…Attention!

Today marked the final full day at Camp Suisse for the 2011 season, and it’s safe to say that the year finished with a bang! Mission day for Session 3 was composed of all the skills acquired during the two week tenure at Camp for the majority of campers. Advanced mobility (Mountain biking), Vertical infiltration (Climbing wall), Grenade launch (Ball games), Navigation and Reconnaissance (Orienteering) and Target Practice (Archery) skills were all put to the test in the series of challenges led by our expert team of activity leaders who braved the scorching heat and battled through the signs of exhaustion to lead the various squadrons through the meticulously planned activities.

Some of the squadrons fell by the wayside when pushed to the limits of their physical capabilities. Others, such as the Bravo and Charlie squadrons rose to the challenge magnificently and smashed existing points records. Certain campers, such as Brando and Freddie even managed to break the individual 1000 points record. A feat never before achieved at Camp Suisse, and their Squad Commanders were suitably pleased with these soldiers. 

Camp Suisse mission day session three

The Grenade Launch, manned by the rhythmically gifted Ryan and the rhythmically challenged Lindsay handed out bonus points for successful renditions of the Camp Boy Band’s (Originally 5ive, later Just 4 Men) infamous dance routine to ‘Keep on Moving’. Whilst the Bravo and Charlie squadrons triumphed in this difficult mission, some of the other squadrons were not so successful. It just goes to prove that whilst confidence can be earned, rhythm seems to be something that many of the campers were blessed with, whilst the Squadron Commanders, unfortunately, were not so fortunate.

Navigation and Reconnaissance, marshalled by the commendable Taff and JP consisted of testing the orientation skills, acquired during the challenging orienteering sessions on camp. Troops had to separate themselves into pairs in order to successfully locate the secret codes. Guided by a compass and sheer intelligence (at least for the campers!), many of the campers were successful in breaking these codes, earning huge scores for their teams.

After a short journey across the battlefield in our heavily armoured vehicle, the battalions arrived at Plan de Croix for Target Practice and Advanced Mobility training. After having their arching skills tested by our very own Robin Hood (John), the troops learned how to navigate their way through the minefields on a mountain bike. At the archery range, campers were rewarded for precision, as smaller targets placed upon the archery target led to massive scores available for the teams. The mobility training proved one of the trickier activities for the day, as they had to make their way through a treacherously difficult course in an exceptionally fast time. Points were hard to come by from Generals Morgan and Dave, but campers enjoyed this whole activity regardless of the points gained.

The final of the five battle stations was the Vertical Infiltration station, superbly marshalled by the experienced team of Jim and Ian, campers truly excelled on this station. Points were gained here on a never-before-seen level. Climbing was performed here in some of the most challenging situations, and campers were tested on their ability to climb for 5 different categories (speed, one-armed, visually impaired, gathering clothes and signing their own name). Safe to say that our Field Marshalls were overjoyed by the levelof commitment and determination shown by the troops on this activity.

mission day rocket challenge

After having successfully navigated their way through the 5 battle stations, the teams had their points added up, which were all totalled up in order to buy more materials for the final challenge. 

The final station brought back all 5 battalions to take part in the ultimate challenge; to successfully design a rocket that would be both fuel-efficient and aerodynamic. A variety of rockets were built during the allotted time period, with varying levels of success. Though it originally seemed that the 

contest was going to be a closely-fought encounter, team Charlie stepped up at the end and completely blew the competition out of the water with their final effort. Their rocket soared through the air with all the grace and poise of an albatross, leaving team Charlie with an undeniable victory.

Mission day final report: Success gained for Team Charlie, though Alpha, Bravo, Delta and Echo teams completed their missions with distinction.

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