Camp Journal

Day Two – Greens and Yellows

6th July 2015

After our sleepy campers had a tasty breakfast, we headed to the climbing wall with the activity leaders, Tom, Brodie and Sam for a fun morning of rock climbing. Although everyone was still tired after a busy Sunday, the campers soon woke up after playing the “shark game”. All the campers had really good fun climbing – even those who were afraid of heights faced their fear. The record for the fastest climb was established at twelve seconds! We then headed out to the football pitch under the hot Swiss sun for our second morning activity: Archery! Needless to mention all the campers felt like Katniss Everdeen in the Hunger Games with their bows and arrows, and everyone managed to hit at least the target area.

It was then time to head back to camp for a well-deserved lunch. After a quick chillout, the campers went to their first language lesson – either French, German, Spanish or English.  They met their teachers for the first time. Vocabulary, grammar, conjugation were all taught by fun games such as Twister, Jenga, Heads Up, or other creative games prepared by the teachers. After two lessons, which each were an hour and a half long, it was time to shower, call the parents, play ping pong or buy some fizzy drinks from the Kiddy’s Bar.

Our dinner was an Italian classic tonight: lasagna, garlic bread and a large range of salads, and we went out in style with an Eton Mess. Our campers then enjoyed an evening of various sports – football, ultimate Frisbee, volleyball – before heading to bed after another busy but amazing day.





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