Camp Journal

Day Six – Greens and Yellows

10th July 2015

The glorious weather continued in Torgon as the Greens and Yellows came towards the end of their first week at Camp Suisse. The Green group headed off for mountain biking, with all campers successfully negotiating the bumps, ramps and cones up at the training centre, before making it down the mountain through the forest and back to camp for lunch. Meanwhile the Yellow group took their turn at making bottle rockets – some interesting designing took place, even a flying pig was spotted. Once made, each group took their turn in launching their rockets over the valley. Although we were expecting hundreds, the reports of UFOs in the Rhonne Valley were zero. In the end team ‘Average at best’ displayed the best flight with their rocket! They then headed down to the river for the epic adventure of ghyll scrambling. With a little encouragement, all campers managed to climb over trees, through tires, through the deep pool and up and back down the river. Whilst there may have been just a few moments of hesitation in getting a bit wet, all campers felt proud to have made it through. A well deserved lunch for all followed.
After lunch it was time for language lessons, and the camp buzzed quietly with the hum of language games and learning. Shower hour, with ping pong and piano playing, was followed by a Mexican feast for dinner. The evening entertainment saw the first whole camp activity – Dracula! Campers completed a series of challenges around the football pitch, working in teams to complete their tasks. Finally it was time to head to bed, with the added bonus of an extra half hour lie in tomorrow morning!

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