Camp Journal

Day Eleven – Greens and Yellows

15th July 2015

Finally the time had arrived for one of the major activities at Camp Suisse – the overnight camping trip. Greens and yellows carefully packed their rucksacks with clean clothes, toothbrushes and full water bottles, ready for the much anticipated hike! Campers set off around 10am and trekked through the forest, gradually moving uphill with regular breaks along the way. Packed lunches were enjoyed at 12.30, with a little lie in the sun helping tired limbs recover. The second half of the hike was a little gentler, and the campers moved at a good speed, eventually reaching the camp at 2.30pm. Everyone was excited to settle into the chalet, with all 12 boys squeezing into one room together, and the girls spreading between two rooms. Some much-needed relaxation was in order, and campers enjoyed playing table football, ping pong and various card games until dinner. Chefs Curtis and Jodie whipped up an amazing BBQ for 34 campers plus staff, rounded off with the Camp Suisse classic of melted bananas and chocolate. The after-dinner quiz was enjoyed by all with ‘majority rules’ round provoking controversy and hilarity. Amazingly, many campers still had the energy to hike up to the French border to enjoy the Bastille Day fireworks, before settling into sleeping bags for a well-deserved sleep.
The next morning, after eating breakfast and packing away, the campers enjoyed a much more relaxed hike back to the centre, leaving time for a shower before lunch. Language lessons followed, with the added thrill of preparing for the evening Talent Show, in which the campers demonstrated how much progress they have made in their language classes over the last two weeks. Campers were also presented with awards to celebrate some of the activities and qualities they have demonstrated skills in during the session.


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