Camp Journal

Session Two – Day Three – Yellow & Greens

21st July 2015

The sun rose bright and shining today for the most epic day at Camp Suisse: glacier day !!! After a short night and a solid breakfast, our campers embarked on their exciting journey. Needless to say everyone sang their heart out in the bus on the way to the glacier. The campers then took a cable car, all the way up to the 3000 metres high glacier. Being surrounded by snow in mid-July is always an amazing experience, especially for some of the campers who had never seen snow in their lives! After an epic snow fight, the campers went sledging and rode on the world’s highest rollercoaster!

The kids could then admire the breath-taking view, while having lunch.


It was then time to head down to Villeneuve, where our campers spent a blissful afternoon at the swimming pool by the lake Geneva. Everyone tried to jump from the diving board at least once (and rewarded themselves with ice cream and sweets afterwards). The ride back to camp was as cheerful as the morning ride, although our campers were quite tired after such an exciting day.


5:30 only means one thing at Camp Suisse: shower hour! Our campers can enjoy a well-deserved shower, call their parents, chill in the ping-pong room or buy fizzy drinks at the Kiddy’s bar. Dinner was quite exotic – chicken thai curry and chocolate cake. Everyone then settled on a beanbag in the TV Room and enjoyed a cosy movie night, watching the Hunger Games while drinking homemade hot chocolate. Finally it was bedtime for all the kids, who were pretty exhausted after such a fun day. 




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