Camp Journal

Day Three – Ecole International de Genève!

3rd June 2015

Today classes 6A & 6B had a very early start as they headed off up the mountain for an Icy adventure on the Glacier! Once the bus had dropped the very excited campers off everyone took a cable car high up the mountain to Glacier 3000! Welcomed by perfect conditions the classes got to ride around on a sled pulled by Huskies! The excitement didn’t end there as next it was time to whizz down the speedy alpine roller coaster! Wheee!

After a morning of giggles and glacier experiences 6A were then taken down to Martigny (or “Octoduriens” as it was once known in Ancient Rome) where they enjoyed the afternoon walking around exploring the Roman Ruins and soaking up the glorious sunshine!

Meanwhile back at Camp Suisse HQ Groups 6C & 6D where having a very sporty day! For 6C in the morning was mountain biking. The class began by learning how to maintain a bike and check its safe to go. Next they conquered the obstacle course and when everyone felt confident enough they went whizzing off round our track with our activity and group leaders!
On our sports pitch 6D had a football coaching session from Emma, one of our activity leaders, who taught the kids a trick or two! Ronaldo eat your heart out! After a short break for a refreshing beverage it was straight into a hockey session!After meeting back at the Camp HQ for some yummy sandwiches on the terrace the two teams then switched, 6C taking on Football & Hockey, whilst 6D tried their hand at mountain biking!


Another fun-filled day for the students of Ecole International de Genève, who are now looking forward to enjoying a feast of Lasagna, Breaded Mushrooms and Waffles for dinner!



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