Camp Journal

Day Five – Green and Yellows

9th July 2015

Today, the greens had a very full day! We started the day by doing team building activities which included rock building! The teams had to build rockets from plastic bottles using paper plates, straws, string and plastic cups. The rockets were then launched. The winning team had named their rocket “The Best”- very fitting! After the rockets were launched and remains picked up we headed for the river.

The Ghyll scrambling had our boys and girls squealing from the first instants as they got their feet very wet! As we proceeded up the river, the water got higher and higher until it eventually reached our waists. Some of us were even brave enough to go through some tires! It was soon time to go back home for a hot shower.

After a good lunch and some dry clothes, the green group finally did some outdoor climbing! Everyone climbed up to the top and some even did it twice or thrice; and when they went climbing they were playing volleyball.

A shortbread break followed soon after, and it was time to head home for shower hour, a lovely hot dinner and casino night!

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