Camp Journal

Day Eight – Blue and Reds

12th July 2015

Today the red and blue groups headed off on our mountain adventure day! It’s been a very hot day but luckily the trees saved us from the sun by providing all the shade we needed! We spent the morning learning about first aid and cooking in the forest. The campers even made their own hot juice! Tom, our activity leader, then helped everyone slack line over the river for the first time which was extremely exciting. We followed this up by learning about water filtration and everyone got stuck in with the moss to see how fast it could filter all the dirt from the water in a cup! After a yummy packed lunch the children made little houses of twigs and tree bases! They enjoyed it so much that they willingly made beds using flat rocks and leaves! It even had a fireplace on the inside!! Our final activity of the day was learning how to put up hammocks, everyone was very tempted to get in and have a little nap!

Overall it was a very interesting and fun day!

Tags: Nature Hike