Camp Journal

Confidence Building In The Forest – Green Group

16th July 2012

The students ingratiated themselves with their language teachers on the first day of their grouped language lessons. From here they will embark on a language learning journey in a bid to improve their spoken, written, listening and reading skills in their chosen foreign language.

The glorious sunshine awaiting them, Green group were keen to join Oli and Chris on the tennis courts for some skill building games to improve their forehand and backhand precision

The Green group started the afternoon at the Parc Aventure. Set deep in the forest, there exists a web of zip lines, high wires and other tree top obstacles and upon arrival, the faces of our campers lit up with nervous anticipation. The afternoon brought great excitement and by the end many of the campers’ confidence had come on with leaps and bounds. An atmosphere of pride and achievement filled the coach as they headed back to Camp Suisse HQ. 

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