Camp Journal

Choose your own adventure day by Zeke, Yellow Group

10th August 2011

I woke up ready for a great day with one thought on my mind – ping pong!  Just as I finished getting ready, the Group Leader came in and woke up the rest of my room mates.  Then I was off heading up to the centre to play ping pong before breakfast.  After playing a few matches I sat down to eat.  Breakfast was exceptionally good because there were home made granola bars to accompany the normal breakfast buffet.  
My first activity of the day was sport (I had selected tennis) so I walked up to the court with a couple of friends who were also doing tennis.  For an hour and a half I warmed up, played singles, doubles and ‘King of the Court’.  Sweaty and exhausted I strolled back to camp for my French lesson.  The majority of the lesson was dedicated to practising the skit our class was to perform at the talent show that evening.  It was well-rehearsed by the end of the class so feeling satisfied I walked to the mountain biking meeting point.  It was time for the real fun to begin!
It was ‘Choose Your Own Adventure Day’ at camp.  There were four exhilarating activities to choose from to do during the afternoon; indoor climbing and ghyll scrambling, outdoor rock climbing, mountain biking or nature art.  For me, the answer was clear.  The fastest, muddiest, most intense and extreme activity wins and so naturally I picked mountain biking.  After taking a minibus ride up to Plan de Croix I enjoyed a quick pack lunch and got suited up for mountain biking. 
Once I received my bike, I gave it a thorough check as demonstrated by the instructors.  Then I rode around a few warm up trails at Plan de Croix before the whole group gathered together and we started heading down the mountain.  After about a minute of speeding down the road, we branched off and rode for about 15minutes up hill on a gravel path.  That section finished as a huge downhill section begun.  The trail was wide, rocky, muddy and had sharp turns… Perfect!  I zoomed down it at a fast pace.  We re-grouped several times during the downhill section before ending up at the church in Torgon.  Next we had to bike all the way back UP the mountain from there!  I was placed in the fast group which meant we took the short but very steep route.  When we finally reached camp my legs felt like they were going to fall off however, the mountain bike session was only half way through… we were just stopping at camp for a rest and some afternoon tea!  After re-hydrating and re-fuelling everyone got back on their bikes to begin the next uphill section.  We rode through the forest, past the football and all the way to the picnic area.  Once we all arrived we starting riding down the trails at the picnic area.  These trails were much narrower than the ones before.  They were only wide enough for one bike, were very steep and had lots of tree roots as obstacles.  There were four mini-sections of trail like this so everyone had to wait their turn to tackle the task.  After everyone successfully completed these mini-challenges, we cycled as a group to the football pitch to have a go at the jumps… I even managed to get a little bit of air with my jumps!  Finally, we took a forest trail with more tree roots before returning to camp and handing back my bike.  
It was time for me to head back down to the chalets for shower hour.  I showered first and socialised with my new friends in my room until it was time for dinner.  At 6.30 dinner began – there were two choices of menu and I chose a delicious pork stew, potatoes, cheesy garlic bread and salad.  Once I finished it was time to prepare for the evening talent show.  After watching a few of the other acts I dressed up myself as Cinderella and it was my time to shine.  It was indeed incredibly fun!  Once the talent show finished I played some more ping pong with my friends and, for the last time that day, sauntered down to the chalets for a well deserved sleep!


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