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Oompa loopma…

7th August 2011

No, don’t worry it’s not a bunch of orange-faced, green-haired slightly under sized men, it’s the little ones from the Red group running amuck at the chocolate factory!


Chocolate factory

Today we woke up to slightly stormy weather, but never fear, we had a heads up from the weatherman and had already planned for this eventuality. All groups headed out in the morning to the cheese and chocolate factories of Gruyere! After listening carefully, in our chosen language, to Cherry the cow guiding us around the different displays, we were ready for our language quiz to show how much we had learnt about this yummy, even if a bit smelly, cheese!

The chocolate shop was the next stop of the day. Campers and staff almost bought them out of their extensive range of yummy chocolate bars and mixed selections.  In three groups all the campers followed the fantastic Charlie-and-the-chocolate-factory-style tour explaining from where cocoa beans originated and how they’ve travelled the world from the Aztecs and to the chocolate we all know and love today!


Finally after eating almost, but not quite, our body weight in chocolate we had lunch then headed back to camp for an action packed dodgeball tournament and language classes, featuring the cheese factory quiz!  The fun filled day ended with a spooky murder mystery evening as campers investigated the strange disappearance of Joe, of Activity team fame, despite all the strange turns and twists, alibis and counter-alibis most teams managed to work out that it was Kate, in the restaurant with mop. The night was a roaring success, although I must add a few of the team names may have been lost on this generation of campers; team Marple, team Clueso, team Poirot, team Morse, etc. 

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