Camp Journal

CGB Arrive!

16th June 2013

CGB arrived safe and sound in the darkness of night at Camp Suisse. All 14 kids were tired but really excited about being in Switzerland and about the challenging activities ahead.The morning brought clear skies, the warmth of the sun and 14 smiling faces ready and raring to go.First up on the days schedule was outdoor climbing at Collombey.  All the kids from CGB were inspiring and really challenged themselves to achieving new heights.  Every kid from CGB got to the top of the climbing wall more than once without any trouble, and this included the most difficult walls.  Paco and Miguel were the most inspiring as they weren’t too keen about climbing in the beginning of the day but left the activity with a big smile on their face and excited that they had achieved it! After climbing and a picnic lunch in Collombey it was time for the kids of CGB to practice their aim in archery. All students were excited to get involved and tried their best at getting the highest score. Daniel Scored the most bulls eyes out of the whole class and the group with the highest score was group 4 (Fernando, Emma and Miguel). What a wonderful day for CGB, meeting new people and trying new things! Day 1 – Success! Bring on tomorrow! -Tiffany, Group Leader

Tags: Archery; Climbing Wall Schools