Camp Journal

If you go down to the woods today…

9th July 2011

After a scenic hike through the beautiful Swiss Alps, across the border and into France, the excitable Green, White and Yellow groups arrived at their overnight camping destination.


The campers learned the art of wilderness survival as they pitched their tents, collected fire wood and diverted a herd of cows from the neighbouring field.


Following a hearty barbeque dinner, a relaxed evening stroll to the lake as the sun went down was just the ticket! Some lucky campers even managed to spot some wild trout in the crystal clear glacier waters.  By the time darkness fell, a roaring fire was well on its way and for many the toasted marshmallows and chocolate banana boats were the highlight and perfect end to a wonderful day!


This morning we were greeted by glorious sunshine as we packed our kit away and headed back to camp in preparation for tomorrows International Olympic Event.

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