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Upper Mountain Camping To The Banks Of Lake Geneva

10th July 2012

In the depths of the Alpine wilderness you will find the Green group awakening to the fresh air of the upper strata of the Rhone valley.Green group stayed their night in the Ski Refuge – an alpine outpost a respectable hike away from Camp Suisse HQ. Here, Julie – Camp Director, explains more about the outpost.


A trip that truly embodies the spirit of the young adventurer, the campers had the chance to indulge in an alfresco breakfast before setting off back down the mountain…


No time to squander, Green group were en route to the valley floor where they discovered the visual delights Lake Geneva and all that its backdrop presents. Even though Lake Geneva beds the valley floor it remains 62 m (203 ft.) above sea level. The children take a ride on the banana boat at the Geneva end of the lake – the aim being to remain on the boat (or off if you prefer the wilder side of the ride) Despite the periodic bouts of dull weather, the lake water is warm! And besides which we were lucky to experience a sneaky peek of the sun just as we were drying off. 


Many creative greats have graced their presence upon the vibrant bank of Lake Geneva during the world renowned Montreux jazz festival. So on their return around the lake, the Green group relished the chance to saunter around, the various quirky stalls with the back drop of live music and vivacious atmosphere while indulging in the wonderfully rich gelato on offer (Gelato is the Italian word for ice cream and according to some, the slower churning rate is what creates the intensity and richness of flavour) 



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