Camp Journal

Camping – Green group

9th July 2012

Waking up to a beautiful sunshine was just the start of a great day for the green group. After morning lessons, we set off on the long hike up to our alpage (mountain refuge) where we were to spend the night. We walked happily the sun beating down as we were led by activity leaders Sarah and Toria. Despite the heat, it was hard not to be amazed by the breath-taking views looking over the Rhone valley! Keen to get some shade and a sit down we plodded on until the welcoming sight of our alpage emerged as we turned our final corner. Once inside, we were shown to our beds and given time to explore. Next up we went out to collect firewood for our campfire before sitting down to a yummy BBQ dinner. An evening of songs and games around the fire and we were all knackered. What a wonderful day, better get some sleep in for banana boating tomorrow. 

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