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Camp Suisse Wants You!

1st March 2012

Yes, it’s time for us to head back to the UK and handpick the bright, talented and motivated individuals that will make up the 2012 Camp Suisse team. 

Every year we welcome back, on average, 30 members of staff. Some are returning for their second summer while other, now veteran, members of staff will be returning for their 5th and 6th years. It warms our hearts to see those familiar faces back at camp year after year.

This is one aspect that makes Camp Suisse so unique. The fact that both campers and staff return year on year means that relationships are built over the course of a number of years – not just a two-week camp. It’s also great to see the changes that occur in both our campers and staff during the off-season. With so many returning staff, spaces for new recruits are limited but we’ll be heading to Leeds and London in search of those lucky lads and lasses who’ll get the chance to spend their summer in the breathtaking Swiss Alps. 

So, out of the thousands of applications we receive each year, how do we go about choosing those 60 or so individuals who will become part of our close-knit team? At Camp Suisse we celebrate diversity, both in the campers we welcome and the activities that we undertake. With this in mind, there is no ‘Camp Suisse mould’ for our employees to fit and we take a range of factors into account. Of course, team members must show skill and talent in their specialist area – whether that be leading an outdoor activity or preparing a 3 course meal – but the job isn’t your typical 9-5. No one day is the same as the next so we need highly motivated, adaptable and resilient people. But above all they must be personable, approachable and open-minded individuals who are dedicated to providing the experience of a lifetime for our campers.

You can see more details on the recruitment section of our website. Applications are open for a little while longer, so there’s still time for you to secure your place on what could be the summer adventure of a lifetime!

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