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International Camp Suisse Olympics

13th July 2011

Today the Olympic torch passed through Torgon on its way to London 2012, just in time for the Annual Camp Suisse Olympics.  Teams representing twelve nations of the world battled over eight different events for the coveted Camp Suisse Gold Medal and accompanying chocolate!

Teams were mixed across the camp so that all ages were represented in each country.  The teams started by learning about their country and applying necessary country themed war paint before the opening ceremony. 


Each team paraded in front of the adoring crowd whilst their national anthem echoed throughout the Alps.  And then the games commenced with the lighting of the Olympic Torch.


Countries went face to face with another, across six initial disciplines including: Egg and Spoon, Tug of War, Water Carry, Shoe Relay, Obstacle Course and Three Legged Race. 


The athletes had to demonstrate agility, power, endurance and speed in order to gain as many points as possible before the evening finale.  Whilst carrying out these highly technical sports, each team remembered the core Camp Suisse theme of teambuilding and came up with a country song which was scored by our esteemed judges.  Australia excelled in the creative aspect of the day and boosted their points tally and team moral equally. 


Following a pit-stop dinner during which the athletes refuelled, the finale tested the athlete’s linguistic skills in a mass game of Scrabble!  Teams used their wide vocabularies from across the world to spell words in any of the Camp Suisse taught languages. 

It was a tense game as the day’s front runner Spain was dramatically overtaken on the home straight by Russia.  In the final play Spain could not pull back their earlier successes and the final winner was indeed Russia.  Congratulations to all the athletes – now time for some well earned rest before another day of fun in the sun!


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