Camp Journal

Camp goes Camping!

6th August 2020

We woke up bright and early expecting to see the sun splitting the rocks and instead were greeted with a gloomy grey cloud. The greens and yellows set off on their adventure into the mist, while the reds and blues went to their language classes. The younger campers were a little relieved to hear they would be getting the bus the majority of the way to the camp site and from there it was just a hop, skip and a jump to the lake, or so the staff lead the kids to believe.

We finally arrived at the lake to be greeted by scenic views and even some sun shine just in time for a quick dip in the lake. Following our escapades in the water we changed our clothes and went for dinner. It was a delicious 3 course meal and all of us helped ourselves to plate after plate of the generous mains. Dessert was apricot pannacotta, a specialty of the region!

The evening was spent by the campfire playing games and singing songs to our hearts content. Bedtime came and we all slept soundly, some of us even noisily as there were a few snorers!

Dawn broke and we began to stir. Breakfast was had after our rooms were made spic and span. Then the walk back to camp began and with the thought of a day by the lake ahead wemflew down the mountain and soon we we’re on the road to Bouveret Beach!

The weather difference between the hike to Tanay and the beach was incredible with highs of 26°C. We relaxed and bathed for the rest of the afternoon. Once all the rain from the day before was wiped from memory, and new ones were made of sun and sand, then we left and headed back along the winding road to camp.

It was the perfect evening in Caprins restaurant where we feasted on pizzas of every sort from Margaritas to the more exotic pizza Mafiosa. Soon it was time for bed again and a sound night sleep after two brilliant days at camp!