Camp Journal

Camp Adventure For The Greens

24th July 2012

Green group were sure to stock up on breakfast sustenance before heading off to their languages or sports in their second week of learning. So with the sun still shining many classrooms moved outside on to the decking for a bit of outdoor linguistic learning and the football pitch could be enjoyed at its best. 


Before the much anticipated mountainous hike up to camp, back packs were checked and camping kit was collected. The track is steep, but Marie says determination was high and with a steady pace they arrived at the ski refuge in good time. They established bunks and were allowed a little free time before the mission of wood collecting was declared. They all branched out in various directions and returned with an enormous amount of wood. The hungry campers were rewarded with a tasty bbq dinner when third and even forth portions were happily consumed. 


After dinner, eight adventurous hikers set off for a steep trek to the French boarder.  The view of Mont Blanc and the French Alps with the sun setting in the back ground was adequate reward for the extra effort made. Meanwhile, the campfire was lit for their return and the group of high spirited campers enjoyed chocolate bananas and toasted marshmallows while singing until tiredness drew the wonderful day to a close. 









Day 2 

The well slept campers enjoyed waking up to a hearty breakfast of beans on toast and cereal. They were keen to set off back to Camp Suisse HQ to discover what the afternoon would have in store for them. Green group welcomed the downhill hike after the uphill slog yesterday, however, after our path was blocked by some scary looking mountainous Swiss cows, Calum and Rosie redirected the group.  Keen hikers and aspiring Camp Suisse activity leaders Vasil, Andrew and Jan lead the way and we hope that in the meantime they will return as Camp mentors. For the older teenagers who eventually find themselves too old to return to Camp Suisse as a camper we allow them to return instead as a Camp mentor where they assist Camp Suisse staff in group leading responsibilities. 

On their return to camp, Green group had a swift 10 minutes to ditch their camping gear, refill their rucksacks with swimming costumes and beach clothes and off down to Lake Geneva for banana boating in the afternoon. Each camper took a ride on the banana boat around the incredibly scenic Lake Geneva. There was no time, however, to take in the view as campers struggled to remain on the banana boat as it bounced over waves and took sharp turns eventually throwing them off in to the water. After the boat rides there was enough time to grab an ice-cream and muse in the sun before making it back to the camp in time for shower hour and some succulent chicken pie or vegetable tagine. Campers Jules and Dimir were very keen on the Great British desert Bread and Butter pudding. 


Green group, received a quick briefing of the excitement that tomorrow’s activities have in store for them before settling down for some splendid Camp Suisse hot chocolate and Pirates of the Caribbean film. 

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