Camp Journal

Navigational Blues

16th July 2013

Today was a scorcher at Camp Suisse. All settled into our sports courses and language classes, we were really able to build on our skills. Goals were scored, baskets shot, climbs conquered & languages improved. After a busy morning another epic buffet lunch got us ready for a busy afternoon of orienteering and ghyll scrambling. We started with Activity Leaders Sarah & Gemma showing us how to read & draw maps. After mastering the art of grid references, it was then time to head outside and really test our navigation. Once at the football pitch, Sarah tested us on bearings and had us heading all over the place! Thankfully we had our newly acquired map & compass skills to ensure that we made it back safely to the centre for afternoon tea!Helmets on and pockets emptied, we then headed to the ghyll. The mountain water was cold and clear, but super fresh (we are only 15 miles from Evian as the crow flies!). After a bit of a splashing from the staff, we were all used to the temperature and set off up stream. We went under logs, over rope bridges and across stepping stones which was challenging but good fun. Nikita was the first to fall, in to much laughter and applause from everyone, but was soon followed by numerous others. Ami & Anthony started a water fight with group leader Jenny who fought back hard, but with Franka, Nikita, Guido, Luca, Max, Kate, Aleena, Adam A and Joe on-side, the campers definitely won that battle! We were very grateful for the warmth of the sun on the way back to shower hour! After our busy day, a game of giant Scrabble in the sports hall was a great way to calm down in the evening after our delicious nachos, fajitas & fruit salad!

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