Camp Journal

blues go hiking!

8th July 2013

Today was another sunny day at Camp Suisse. As always the Blue group started the day with language lessons and sports. 
After a hearty lunch we prepared for the bush hike. After filling their bottle with fresh cold mountain water they split in to two groups and headed out in to the mountains. 
Activity leaders Gemma, Fearghal and Becky taught the group about the diverse flora and fauna that exist in the mountains. 
After a tiring hike we stopped for a afternoon tea and Fearghal showed the group how to filter dirty water. They all drank some of the filtered water and the group were all amazed at how clear the water had become. 
They headed home for another fabulous 3 course meal at camp HQ finishing with delicious banana bread. In the evening the group had so much fun while they starred in their very own 3 minute version of their favourite film. 

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