Camp Journal

Blue Group activities

1st July 2013

Blue group had a fabulous day at Camp Suisse! After sports and language class in the morning the group enjoyed a hearty lunch to prepare for the afternoon. They kick-started their activities with some archery, which was fabulous in the glorious sunshine. After a shaky start with only Slavitsa hitting the target, the group showed that practice really does make perfect as each member of the group were capable of hitting the target by the end of the session. The group then moved to the indoor climbing wall. Some campers, Marina and David, showed off their skills by immediately clambering up the wall while others were a little more hesitant. With a little encouragement from the Activity and Group leaders everyone managed to climb up the wall at their own pace and write their name on a piece of paper situated very near to the top of the wall! The group enjoyed a day of new experiences. 

Tags: Archery; Climbing Wall Blue Group Confidence