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Blue and Yellow visit the huskies at Glacier 3000!

5th July 2013

An early 6:15am start for the Blue and Yellow campers, yet this did not detract from their moral as they were all extremely excited to be going on an outing to the Glacier 3000. The campers filled their tummies and off they went, kitted out and raring to go. One hour’s drive later and the campers had reached their destination, they were jubilant about the prospect of meeting the Husky dogs at 3000 meters above ground level.
As the campers were walking towards the howling Husky dogs, who were obviously excited for the arrival of our campers – the sun was glistening on the snow and for those campers like Maya and Nada who have never seen snow before, it was a breath-taking experience allowing them to admire the views and have fun making their first snow ball, tactfully eyeing up which group leader to aim for….
After meeting the Husky dogs, the campers got the opportunity to glide in the snow on the sled, being pulled by the excitable Husky’s. The campers all got off the sled grinning like Cheshire cat’s; it was an experience they will never forget.
From gliding through the snow to flying down the mountain on the roller coaster at full speed – the campers were allowed to experience the twists and turns of the mountain roller coaster. Ayman managed to lose his hat whilst rocketing down the roller coaster, and Mahmood the front passenger was grinning with gritted teeth, trying to show he wasn’t scared – however inside secretly screaming with the adrenaline of the sharp twists and turns in the sunshine down the mountain side.
After all the excitement that the Glacier 3000 brought, it was time for the campers to head to the Villeneuve pool on the outskirts of Montreux. The campers basked in the sunshine, whilst splashing in the pool – and for the more daring campers … diving off the seven metre diving board into the lake.
All in all an overwhelming fun filled day, tiring out our Blue and Yellow campers from all the excitement of an unforgettable day.
Theresa – Yellow group leader

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