Camp Journal

Blue Group go to Labyrinth Adventure!

17th July 2018

Today the blue group had breakfast at 8:00 am. After breakfast, we had a meeting in order to check that all the kids had the necessary things for the day. We had two hours for languages and a break of 15 minutes. Then we departed to Labyrinth Adventure at 11:30 am. Alicia told us some rules in the bus and then we entered. Once inside, we had lunch. When we finished, each group leader was in charge of his group. We played and came back to the place where we had lunch for afternoon tea. After afternoon tea, we played again until 4:00 pm. Then the kids bought some sweets and we departed to the camp at 4:30 pm. When we arrived to the camp, it was shower hour. After that we had dinner and another meeting.

Maria, Group Leader