Camp Journal

Reds & Blues go camping

13th July 2011

The long awaited camping trip finally arrived for the Red and Blue groups.  To say that we were excited would be an understatement!  After checking and double checking that everyone had packed what was asked we were driven a few minutes up the mountain to our starting point at La Bourri.

The hike to camp started with a rather steep climb, which lead to the kids moaning that they were tired after 5 minutes!  However, once we had crossed over the border into France it was plain sailing downhill.  Upon arrival at the camp site we assigned tents and played a game of ‘splat’ which helped us settle into our new homes.

Taff, one of the Activity team members took us all on a walk to the lake where he told us many stories including the one about the infamous brown trout!

As we made our way back to camp it was with great pleasure to see that the kitchen team had prepared a BBQ around a camp fire.  The evening began with a few songs and jokes, followed by the traditional roasting of marshmallows. 



As it got dark the children started to tell some scary stories.  Phil (Head of Blue group) saved the best story for last about a guy called ‘Chris Austin’ that would sometimes haunt the camp.

As the moon started to fill the clear sky, it was bedtime and the children headed to their new ‘rooms’ for a well deserved rest.

After a good nights sleep, and with a hearty breakfast inside us, we started our return walk with the sun rising over the mountains to our rendezvous point with our coach that would be taking us to Lake Geneva for some banana boating. 


The weather was glorious as everyone took it in turns to ride the banana, with very few managing to stay on.

We returned back to camp, slightly soggy, sun kissed and rather smelly with great memories after a fantastic two days.

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