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Banana Boating Fun On Lake Geneva For The Blues And Reds

3rd July 2012

Another misty mountain morning wasn’t enough to put the Red and Blue Group off the prospect of a day at the lake tackling the banana boat.  Their enthusiasm paid off, as when they arrived they were greeted with one of the warmest, sunniest days they had ever seen here at Camp Suisse!  A quick change and it was down to the boats, where even the most timid of camper got in on the fun.


While the sun shone we piled onto the back of the inflatable yellow boat in our groups of ten and some of us didn’t quite know what to expect.  Would it go fast, slow, up, down, side to side or all over the place?  Turns out we were all right.  Every single rider ended up in the water at some point and soaked to the skin, it all became so much more fun!  When we piled off the boat, the fun continued at the pool, with ice cream and slushies left right and centre.  Not too much though, as just after four o’clock it was back on the bus to the Camp, for another quick change and some of the finest Camp Suisse grub.  And as if the day wasn’t good enough, it was fajita night!

 What could top that?  Only some awesome Goup Leaders hosting the world renowned Camp Suisse music quiz!  Prizes galore and the perfect way to round off the perfect day.


Roll on Wednesday!

Banana Boating

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