Camp Journal

Aqua Parc for the Yellow Group!

7th July 2018

This morning, the yellows were a little bit tired from their trip in the Glacier yesterday; it was clear they had a great time given the many fun stories from husky sledding and the roller coaster they told over breakfast.

The first couple of hours consisted of languages classes, before a big afternoon in Aqua Parc! All of them were excited to be there and try every slide. No sooner had swimsuits been put on, all the teenagers were queuing on the stairs with a ring waiting their turn to go into the slides. Full of energy, they certainly made the most of their afternoon! It was then time to come back in the camp then rest a little bit before participating in evening activities. With the day drawing to a close, all of the campers will go to bed with more happy memories!

Canelle, Group Leader