Camp Journal

All the colours

6th July 2013


After a busy first week, the campers appreciated an extra hour in bed before a 9am breakfast. However, along with the sleep in came with a much needed room tidy hour and a quick lesson in how to make beds (fun when you stick your head in the duvet cases and pretend to be ghosts and scare your group leaders, thanks for that Fadi!!!). After the room inspection it was off to languages and sports for the rest of the morning.


After lunch, the reds, blues, greens and yellows all gathered in the patinoire before heading off for a small hike. The campers made their way across the new wobbly Torgon bridge, around the scenic lagoon, passed the picnic area and ending in the football pitch. Most enjoyed the walk although others felt like their group leaders weren’t working enough and decided to ride on their shoulders, like Tatjana did to poor Freddie! 
Once at the football pitch the fun really begun after afternoon tea with groups of footballers going down one end of the pitch to play where a staff vs kids game formed with the campers showing us group leaders how it’s done!

At the other end those not so keen played parachute games, Frisbee and some classics like duck duck goose.
The campers made it back in time for shower hour for a quick chill out before a yummy pasta dinner and peach upside down cake. Then the reds and blues took part in a new exciting evening, hip hop dance off and the greens and yellows enjoyed a much needed chilled out hot chocolate and DVD night.



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