Camp Journal

A Creative Day at Camp!

2nd August 2020

Waking up to a breezy morning in Camp Suisse, campers started off the day with a big breakfast. The morning was then filled with languages and the very exciting Camp Suisse Languages Talent Show. The English class opened the show with an incredible puppet show telling the story of the Wachta Ninja School, which in turn meant that everybody was Kung Fu Fighting. This featured a very impressive cameo from Joachim. The French class did a thrilling performance discussing the origins of the camp staffs nicknames through finger puppets thanks to Charles and Samuel.

After a spot of lunch, we then participated in a meditation class with some monk throat singing to get the campers into the right frame of mind for an afternoon of indoor climbing. Bjorn entered into such a deep meditative state that he looked to be peacefully asleep! After a creative warm up game thinking about the methods different animals use to climb around and then imitating these, we moved into the climbing wall. The first activity involved traversing across the wall so the campers were comfortable with the movements needed for climbing. Then came the real climbing, where all tried to make it to the top of the wall. Despite being nervous at first, Ariela really shone and was victorious in reaching the top. Lei Lei was a strong believer in the idea that  “it ain’t about how fast I get there” and this was very successful for him. It was overall an exciting and fun day which is being followed by blind art jamming tonight which will be the perfect finish to a creative day.