Camp Journal

Yellows and Greens tackle the hike to France

17th July 2017

After some breakfast to start the day off well, it was time for the Green and Yellow Groups to head to their language lessons and put on their thinking caps. These lessons were dedicated to a bit of new vocabulary and some cultural lessons about their chosen languages and countries. It was an interesting and fun way to keep the campers engaged in their learning.

Then, after some delicious buffet for lunch, it was time switch it up and for the campers to become a little more active again! This afternoon was dedicated to hiking up through the sunny Swiss Alps towards our lovely retreat nestled in the mountains! Arriving at camp in good time, everybody had a small rest to rejuvenate before the important business of dinner! Then it was time to tackle the challenge of hiking to the french boarder! The campers were very excited at the prospect of being right on the boarder and it felt like such an impressive achievement for everybody! There was some camp songs to match the bright mood and enjoy the lovely summer evening before heading back off to bed for a well deserved rest!