Camp Journal

Yellow Group ‰ÛÒ From the Cocoa bean to the delicious Swiss chocolate!

21st July 2014

The campers in Yellow Group were in the mood for chocolate as it was to the Callier Chocolate Factory!
During the visit the campers started with an interactive tour, it detailed a timeline about the worlds love for chocolate from the Aztecs up to modern day! The campers also were told about the development of the Callier brand. Soon everyone was licking their lips in the Tasting Room! 
After lunch (not of chocolate but of the Camp Suisse packed lunch!) the campers enjoyed a play in the park in Gruyères Old Town outside the Gruyère castle! Then it was a chance to explore the medieval town and see the sights and shops.
Back at Camp Suisse the campers took part in the evening dance class and practiced their moves!