Camp Journal

Yellow and Greens improving their skill set

21st July 2017

The Campers awoke to a beautiful blue  sky and bright sunshine, and after a healthy breakfast, the Greens and Yellows separated for some fun! Today, our greens started the day in the climbing wall where they had a great sport session, using the different coloured routes on the wall to challenge themselves and learn problem solving as well as improving their technique! Meanwhile the Yellows set out to do some archery on the football field. First, they learnt about the different points of the bow and arrow, before learning  how to aim and shoot  and finally putting it all into practise. They practised a lot before putting their archery skills to the test: the location of the arrow on the target indicated which pieces of cutlery they could eat with at dinner!

After lunch, and whilst a storm thundered overhead,  the groups separated into  their language classes. The French beginners for example, learnt the different parts of the body and physical descriptions, before testing their knowledge in a game of ‘Who’s Who’.

Dinner was a tasty chicken pie accompanied by ice cream for dessert and after shower hour and dinner, each camper could choose how they wanted to spend their evening from a choice of Sports & Games, Zumba and some Yoga! What a fantastic day despite the storm and rain!