Camp Journal

Yellow and Green group vs the Glacier 3000!

6th July 2017

Today it was an early start for the Green group. Partnered up with our compatriots, the Yellows, we ventured eastwards for a cracking day at the Glacier 3000. We set off early to make the best of the day and everybody enjoyed the clear and bright morning sun high up in the mountains  whilst we tobogganed, roller coasted and learnt about all of the various glaciers and peaks in Switzerland and the Alps. Lunch was enjoyed within view of the famous peaks such as the JungFrau, Weisshorn, Eiger, and the Matterhorn. We were very lucky!

After some well deserved downtime upon arrival to the camp, we hiked into the forest for a BBQ. The entire camp devoured the delicious food before some evening activities and a successful end to what had been a long but brilliant day